I provide TAILOR-MADE recordings of any Torah portion or a haftarah and associated blessings.  In addition to these I can also supply various recordings, such as the Song of Glory (Shir Hakavod or Anim Z’mirot), both orthodox and reform versions of the Grace after Meals (Birkat Hamazon), etc.  Please find out more by contacting me HERE.

For the approximate cost of five or six private lessons I supply a slow recording of a large number of tracks of approximately ten seconds in length each, of the broken down portion to enable a child to learn the Torah or haftarah reading three or four words at a time, as well as a track of the whole Torah reading or the haftarah.  Included is a marked portion sheet with numbered sections, each representing one of those tracks.  Similarly recordings of Torah and haftarah blessings are broken down into short music bursts accompanied by marked and numbered sheets of those blessings.

Please contact me HERE to order a recording or to find out the actual cost of your specific requirement by providing me with the child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, the synagogue where the celebration will take place and the reading itself, if it does not follow the standard list of Torah readings, in the case of Reform and Liberal Synagogues.

All recordings can be delivered on CDs or on memory sticks.  Downloads are possible, although with as many as two hundred tracks for uploading and downloading this may be a very prolonged and laborious task.